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So we are all on lockdown, and all the festivals have been cancelled. 


But that shouldn't mean that

we cant pull off our own online event.. 


Mainly starting on June 1st

(the 35th anniversary of

the Battle of the Beanfield), and finishing whenever the stragglers decide to move off site. Perhaps never.. probably never! 

The look and feel of this virtual event could not have been achieved without the work of

Alan Lodge, aka Tash, who has had One Eye On the Road for decades. Thank-you Tash. 

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any nutmeg



  Watch the video

nutmeg challenge.JPG


Nostradamus took nutmeg.. 

and he knew

a lot about fucked-up situations! 

own Clonehenge ?

Click on the finger to visit

'Quaran-Teen',   our space for young adults.


This is your virtual festival.  A free festival.  It's a 'Bring what you expect to find' kind of affair, driven by you and your mates, and your vibes and your sense of play and adventure.  Together, we brighten things up, and make it happen.


Anyone interested in running a space, an exhibition, a workshop, a DJ set, a live-streamed open mic session, a speaker's forum, a cinema, a café, a spot of busking or fly-pitching some crafts, or anything you can think of, then simply find your spot on the Main Drag, the Main Stage, the Main Space, the Healing Space, the Kids Circle, or the Sacred Space, and go for it.

Have a good mooch about the site then pitch your nilon nightmare someplace.  Make little encampments and themed settlements. Don't fret about the Hell's Angels.  They just want to share their water melon. 


All are welcome.. Let's gather for the Solstice sunrise around our own homemade Clonehenges - made of bricks, loo rolls, baked bean tins or whatever.  Basically hold the space virtually, keep the conversation going and the counter culture alive and connected. 


If you wander off to Youtube, Facebook, Skype, Zoom or wherever the action is taking place, try to make to make it back to the site.  It's a scary place out there, and it's so easy to find yourself on a dodgy trip.


Your internet may get a bit sticky if you leave too many tabs open at the one go..  so shut stuff down as you go. In the UK, lunchtime is apparently the best time, as the US and Australia have largely gone and crashed.  


Basically have a blast, and always keep a twinkle in your Festival Eye.  X