Sacred Space

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'Amongst all the lovely chaotic music and celebration, let's think of the spiritual side of the festival.  Sing, chant, and dance in the stones to show our love of the ancestral spirits that lead to where we are now .. Namings, Hand-fastings, and last, but not least, Remembrances. 


A wall of names of brothers and sisters past over ... all those lovely spirits that made this thing great. 


So come on.  Name names, and remember

these beloved ones.'


Bev Richardson

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Fancy a virtual tour of the Stones? Click on the link below..

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Here's a video of the most amazing gathering at the Stones back in 1995 - 25 years ago!

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Who wants to take part in a virtual Druidic ceremony? This was the Summer Solstice in 2017, but we have recycled it for 2020.












So, why not climb into your best Pagan sunrise gear, tower above your own marvelous Clonehenge creation, and greet the dawn with a neighbour-waking cacophony of Mote it Bees? 

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It's time to wander over to the Sacred Space and connect with others.  Perhaps share some photos, videos, and memories from gatherings past, get in to a tangle with your own DIY handfasting ceremony, or simply hug a lump of rock.  Click on the photo below..