You can't mention 'The Beanfield' without exploring what happened the following year -

Stonehenge '86. 












Police Chiefs had gotten away with terrible crimes, and with Thatcher's full backing, were now acting like feudal barons - dreaming up and using new laws to shackle the people, with limitations on movement and assembly through the Public Order Act of 1986.  The media, social services and the judiciary were playing their part too. 


Traveller sites were being shut down and many people, severely wounded and traumatised by what happened at the Beanfield, were being hounded and forced to live on the very margins of society.


But as we approached the Summer of '86, eyes turned once again to Stonehenge and the People's Free Festival.  The police had their injunctions and exclusion zones in place, and the media and general public were nicely primed through smears and sensationalist headlines.  So the scene was set.  


This was the year of the mass eviction of Stoney Cross, and a huge cat and mouse effort by people on foot to find a way past the cops and get to the Stones for the Summer Solstice.


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